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How to break off at snooker

The aim of the break off is to open up the pack of reds but to cover any potting opportunities.

If breaking off from between yellow and brown, you should aim for with the last or second last red. Hit the cue ball with right hand side (if you can imagine a clock face, then you’d be hitting around 3 o’clock on the cue ball). You want to hit the red roughly quarter ball.

The path of the cue ball should take it off the top cushion, side cushion, in-between the pink and blue and off the side cushion before coming to rest on the baulk cushion in-between the green and brown.

To show an example lets first take a look at John Spencer, how not to break off. 
This resulted in Steve Davis doing the first televised 147....

Now lets take a look at the Eurosport guys talking about the art of the break off. Take note of what Jimmy says about not wanting to leave your opponent a pot. 





Look out for more tips and advice.

Enjoy your game.

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