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How to play safe in a game of Snooker

There are two different types of safety shot to consider, so lets look at them both:

1. An aggressive safety - one that puts your opponent in trouble
2. A negative safety - one that gets you out of trouble

So mostly players will look to play aggressive safety’s. They will try to open the reds for example but cover any potting opportunities and stop any returns to a safe area.

Sometimes a player will deliberately leave an opponent a difficult pot in the knowledge that they might be forced into going for it as they have no other shot and a safety is more difficult.

Sometimes if a player has played a safety and has stopped any easy return to baulk and a pot is also very difficult, then a player might opt to play a negative safety where they will simply try to get the cue ball safe but they will also know that they have not put their opponent in any real trouble (negative safety).

A very important thing to achieve in a safety is a good cue ball. One where the cue ball is tight against the cushion will always cause an opponent difficulty.

If one can achieve a good cue ball while covering an open table, then it usually bears fruit.

Lets look at some examples of safety shots by Ronnie O'Sullivan. Notice the length of the cue ball and how he is not afraid to leave his opponent being able to hit a ball on but playing it the way he does he makes it very tricky for his opponent to either pot a ball and be able to play a safety.

Look out for more tips and advice.

Enjoy your game.

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