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How To Play Snooker & Pool

Playing any cue sport requires a basic ability to be able to hit the cue ball (white) on the intended line and to be able to make contact with the object ball at desired contact point.

It is recommended that you practise hitting the cue ball up and down the spots to achieve consistent results. Once you have consistent results, the next challenge is to be able to hit the object ball in the correct spot. There are many methods to help you work out the correct contact point, but I recommend the following.

Imagine the line in which you'd like the object ball to take (i.e. towards pocket), now imagine drawing a line from that part through the object ball to the part on the object ball. This is the spot on where the cue ball should make contact with object ball. Another way is to imagine the point on object ball that is furthest away from the intended target. This is the point that you want the cue ball to make contact with the object ball.

Positional play requires an understanding of the effect that is made on cue ball from where it is struck. Example, if you hit bellow centre on the cue ball on a straight shot, it should come back in straight line. One should learn the majority of natural angles from all shots, that way one will learn to make the correct adjustments to alter the natural line. Likewise, if you hit an angled pot with right hand side it will spin more to the right when it hits a cushion, thus altering the natural line.

Using these tips, you will improve your game and hopefully fulfil your potential.

Look out for more tips and advice.

Enjoy your game.

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