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The best advice from our in-house professionals....

  • What to consider when buying a tip

    There are 2 different types of tips available on the market today, a pressed tip and a laminated tip.

    A pressed tip is made from a single piece of leather. It is compressed under a specific pressure to achieve the desired hardness.

  • How to create a Bridgehand

    The fingers in the bridge should be evenly spread with the thumb and forefinger tight together as to create a v shape for the cue to sit in. It is important that the bridge remains still and to help do this it is advised to slightly grip the cloth with the hand.
  • How to install a cue tip in 6 easy steps

    Step 1 : Start by removing the old tip with a sharp knife (Stanley blade). Make sure all the old tip and glue are removed. Use the knife to get the ferrule absolutely flat. Do this by using the edge of the blade and gently turn the cue while applying slight pressure on the ferrule.