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What to look for when buying a cue

Buying a cue is a considerable purchased one that deserves a lot of thought.

I would suggest trying as many cues as possible from friends etc. Ideally you’d like to try as many at the same time. Try 1 piece and 3/4 as well as different weights etc.

There is no real right or wrong when it comes to cues and everyone will like slightly different specifications.

The standard length of a snooker cue is between 57”-58” and weight anywhere between 17-19oz. Tip size I would not recommend below 9mm and no larger than 10mm.

Some say a 1 piece cue offers more feel than a jointed cue due to the wood running all the way from tip to base but each person will feel different. 

What should be considered is the convenience of a 3/4 case over a 1 piece case. Some people don’t mind and therefor you should make your choice on preferred feel of 1 piece or 3/4.


Look out for more tips and advice.

Enjoy your game.

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