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What You Need To Re-Tip Your Cue

We are often asked what is needed to re-tip your snooker or pool cue. So we have done a quick blog to show you the items required to do this. There is also our re-tip blog, giving step by step instructions on how to install a tip. 

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TIP: This is the most obvious starting point. What you need to decide is what type of tip you want. This blog on what to consider when buying a tip, might help you make the correct decision but knowing what tip suits your game is very much trial and error. people will say you should use this or that but in all honesty its only experience that will tell you what suits you. 

GLUE: There are a few alternatives to consider here too. Superglue is the most common choice and the option that we would recommend. The important thing to make sure is that you buy one with a higher viscosity (thick or gel type). A thicker superglue stays in place better as opposed to the thin (runny) glue, that has the potential to spin down the cue. You may also consider a tip cement or Impact adhesive. these will do a good job but the require a longer set time (as opposed to superglue). There is a difference on how the tip will sound depending on glue used to install. Superglue is a brittle glue what dried and will give a more "clicky" soul and impact adhesive is less so, therefor giving a slightly softer and less "clicky" sound.

Knife: The most common type of knife or blade used is the traditional Stanley blade. some people use different methods or knifes. The important thing is that the blade is razor sharp. A blunt blade will potentially open the fibres of the ip and make it either a lot softer that normal or unplayable. Again check out our how-to blog to see step by step instructions.

Abrasive paper: You will need some abrasive paper. A lower grade (more course) paper should be used first to take the tip down to almost the desired shape, then a higher (smoother) grade used to get the final shape and smooth out any rough parts. 

Burnisher: To finish the sides of the tip we would recommend using a piece of leather to burnish the sides of the tip. Any piece of leather would do fine and you use the smooth side pressed up against the tip and you spin the cue against the leather to burnish the sides.


Look out for more tips and advice.

Enjoy your game.

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