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  • 15 reds and 15 blacks …. The exclusive 147 club!

    The elusive 147 which as the title says is made from 15 reds and 15 blacks, and of course all the colours to add up to that magical number. I didn’t want to bore anyone with the usual what is it etc but thought I’d maybe as we are a Scottish company I’d maybe cover a bit of unknown and known 147 Scottish Snooker history with a few people worth mentioning who have had them over the years and in various ways.
  • World Snooker Challenge Tour Calendar 2019/20

    Challenge Tour Events 1-10 for the 2019/20 season.

    Event 1 

    31st August 2019 - 1st September 2019

    Venue: Ballroom, Nuremberg, Germany 

    Event 2

  • What You Need To Re-Tip Your Cue

    We are often asked what is needed to re-tip your snooker or pool cue. So we have done a quick blog to show you the items required to do this. There is also our re-tip blog, giving step by step instructions on how to install a tip. 

    We offer a tip installation kit bundle in our shop. 

  • Professional Snooker Calender 2019/20

    Here is a simple calendar for the 2019/20 season. Beverly World Cup 24-30 June  Kaspersky Riga Masters 26-28 July International Championship 04-11 ...
  • What is a Foul and a miss

    A foul and a miss will be called if a player does not hit the ball "on" first (a foul) and is deemed by the referee to have not made the best possible attempt (a miss). In this case, the opponent has the option to request that all balls on the table be returned to their position before the foul, and require the fouling player to take the shot again.

  • What is a foul all about?

    A foul is a shot or action by the striker which is against the rules of the game. When a foul is made during a shot, the player’s turn ends and the...
  • BBC Snooker Triple Crown

    A Triple Crown in snooker is the name given both to the three most prestigious tournaments; The World Championship, The UK Championship and The Masters and the act of winning all of these events. These three tournaments are the Triple Crown events, sometimes also called Snookers Majors, the big three BBC snooker events, or simply the big three. These tournaments are deemed to be the most prestigious, despite not always being worth the most ranking points or prize fund. Players who win all three events are said to have "won the triple crown", either over their career, or in one season alone.
  • How to play safe in a game of Snooker

    There are two different types of safety shot to consider, so lets look at them both:

    1. An aggressive safety - one that puts your opponent in trouble
    2. A negative safety - one that gets you out of trouble

    So mostly players will look to play aggressive safety’s. They will try to open the reds for example but cover any potting opportunities and stop any returns to a safe area.
  • How to break off at snooker

    The aim of the break off is to open up the pack of reds but to cover any potting opportunities.
  • How to line up a shot

    To line up a shot properly, first you need to understand what the line of the shot is.


    The line of the shot starts from the point of contact on the object ball that the cue ball will connect with. From that point the line then goes to the cue ball.

  • How to conduct yourself whilst at the table

    How you look round the table can have a big influence on your opponents game as well as your own.

    If you act confident you feel confident. So even when you are not feeling great, you can still look confident.

  • What to consider when buying a tip

    There are 2 different types of tips available on the market today, a pressed tip and a laminated tip.

    A pressed tip is made from a single piece of leather. It is compressed under a specific pressure to achieve the desired hardness.