How to Install a Cue Tip

Step 1 : Start by removing the old tip with a sharp knife (Stanley blade). Make sure the old tip and glue are removed. Use the knife to get the ferrule absolutely flat. Do this by using the edge of the blade and gently turn the cue while applying slight pressure on the ferrule.



Step 2 : Gently sand the bottom of the tip with some sandpaper (250 grit is ideal). Do this in a figure of 8 motion to ensure the tip is flat all the way round. It is essential that both tip and ferrule are perfectly flat and that they match up with each other.



Step 3 : Apply a small amount of glue to the flat ferrule and align tip to the ferrule making sure its flat and even. Apply a little pressure for 10 seconds and leave for 1 minute before moving to next step.



Step 4 : There are a few methods to trim the tip. Here are 2 options. Turn the cue upside down and place it on a secure surface (bear in mind the cutting will scratch the surface your cutting on, I would recommend using some cardboard or a craft cutting mat). Using a slow slicing action start to cut the excess off the edge of the tip. Do this until you have a nice even amount of tip taken off the sides. Alternatively, holding the blade at a 45 degree angle against the underside of the tip, start to slowly turn the cue towards you almost like a pencil sharpener action. Again, do this until you have taken off an even amount of tip you are happy with.



Step 5 : Using a file or rough abrasive paper, start to sand the top of the trimmed tip to create a dome on the top part of the tip. Do not sand so much that you remove the side wall of the tip (the part you trimmed with knife). You want to create a nice even dome shape, almost like the tip of your thumb.



Step 6 : Once happy with shape, go to a less abrasive paper and remove the rough part of the fibres. Now using 800 grit abrasive, wrap paper round the tip and ferrule (being careful not to touch the wood) and gently spin cue round to smooth sides of tip and clean ferrule. You can then go up to 1000 grit and 2000 grit to polish ferrule. 



It is worth noting at this point that extra care should be taken at these stages (some like to use masking tape to protect wood and be careful not to apply to much pressure as this will cause excessive wear to the ferrule). Finally use either a piece of leather or back of smooth abrasive paper, rub the sides of the tip by holding leather or paper against the sides of the tip (this is called burnishing). 



Congratulation, you've installed your tip.




Look out for more tips and advice.

Enjoy your game 

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