⭐️ Genuine Product Guarantee ⭐️



Our vision is offer the best products at the best prices however, thats only half the service we aim to provide.

We also want for our customers fully trackable and insured shipping, with live updates via email or messenger(if they bought there), so we know you're protected and avoid disappointment in a delivery.

Theres nothing worse than waiting for something to arrive and it doesn't, right?

We truly believe that our global courier partners UPS are the best in the business and their costs are very competitive. Some online businesses offer free shipping and we could have went down that road, however we know from experience that when you go to cheap couriers, you are faced with poorer service and uninsured cover. We didn't want that from a customer point of view, and here at Triple DDD Sports we'd rather pay a little for shipping and know it's going to have the cover and service we know our customers want, rather than the flip of a coin of free shipping services.

We hope this helps you understand why we charge for shipping and look forward to shipping you some amazing products with Triple DDD Sports.